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18th December, 2021

Makindu Charity Donation

An event organized and planned by the Charities of Mercy in partnership with Pinnacle Systems Ltd. As it was a festive season, the objective of this event was to share food with over 700 vulnerable families from different communities within Makueni county.

Following the huge economic strain caused by the epidemic, the Government of Kenya and other organizations have played a big role in providing care and support to the communities greatly affected by the epidemic. Hope World Wide Kenya (HWWK) is among the organizations that have been at the frontline in providing the different kinds of support to the persons infected and/or affected by HIV/AIDS. It has been successful in providing support to several counties in Kenya; Makueni County being one of them.

However, following the lack of funds, HWWK withdrew its support in a few counties, Makueni County being one of them. For that reason, some of the former employees and the Community Service Volunteers (CSVs) of the Organization teamed up to form a Community Based Organization (CBO) called Charities of Mercy. The goal was to continue providing support to the OVCs mainly through charity events. The CBO organizes the charity donations events then invites donors and coordinates the events.