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Category: Road Safety Equipment

The National Transport and Safety Authority requires all motorists to make themselves and commercial vehicles highly visible through the use of reflective safety markings on the rear and sides of heavy goods vehicles such as trucks, trailers, school buses and other large vehicles.

The REFLECTOP conspicuity marking series are strong and rigid with a high performance adhesive that holds securely to vehicles. Markings are available in rolls, packaged pieces or kiss-cut pieces on a roll. The easy-release liner makes installation quick and user-friendly.

Metallized Conspicuity Marking Tape For Vehicles

Used to mark loading dock areas, bollards, poles, gates, barricades, tractor trailers, police cars, emergency vehicles, school buses, etc.

It requires that homologated reflective markings be applied to rigid, curtain and tanker vehicles with a mass over 7.5 tonnes or trailers that have a mass over 3.5 tonnes.

Vehicle Warning Reflective Marking Tape DOT-C2

Red and white reflective marking tape has a more rigid and sturdy design to ensure it's durability in all weather conditions for several years. Vehicle Reflective Adhesive Warning Conspicuity Marking Tape has more pliability and flexibility for a variety of application.

Used to mark loading dock areas, bollards, poles, gates, barricades, tractor trailers, police cars, emergency vehicles, school buses, etc.

For smaller applications you may place the strips as you wish along the side and rear of the trailers to ensure maximum visibility. We recommend the red and white alternating strips and rolls as they provide aggressive and prominent nighttime visibility.

RT-T001 High Intensity Grade Arrow Reflective Tape


a) It supplies the best reflection performance and maintains a good reflective performance.

b) The surface is three-dimensional.

c) Smooth surface is not easy to store dust, water resistance and moisture resistance.

d) Arrow design on the surface showing directions

e) Good Viscous, long service life, strong reflectivity.

Used to mark trucks, trailers, school buses and other large vehicles or traffic industrial work zones.


Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Adhesive material is strong and durable

Weather Resistant

They are sun-proof, waterproof, heat-resistant, cold-resistant and colorfast

Micro Prismatic Reflective Technology

They have bright colors that are visible both day and night

Warranty Assurance

They are covered by our warranty policies


Brilliant brightness with strong adhesive

Outstanding long distance night time visibility

Markings have a 10 year guarantee

Easy to handle and apply

Vivid colors and bright whites

Waterproof hence excellent for harsh weather conditions

Enhances road safety

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