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Safety Vests

Category: Reflective Materials

A safety vest is constructed out of reflective material and typically come in a slew of bright colors. Worn most commonly by road flaggers, construction crews and emergency personnel, the function of safety vests is to help alert people that another human is present in their field of vision. A safety vest can and should be worn in day time or night time situations, and is a necessary safety tool for many different industries and purposes. A safety vest can be designed from many different types of material, and are most commonly PolyCotton or Polyester.

They include high visibility safety vests, jackets, raincoats, parkas, pants, protective clothing, industrial protection garments, workwear apparel and so on.


Bright Colors

Made of vibrant colors that can be seen from a distance

Long Service Life

They can last longer since they are made of high quality materials

Waterproof Fabric

Can be worn in harsh weather conditions

Cost Effective

Pricing is very affordable and saves you money in the long run especially when bought in bulk


Increases visibility of personnel especially at night. They are made of bright colors and have added reflective accents that help personnel be seen from long distances.

Weather resistant because of their durable material.

Can easily differentiate personnel because of the vibrant colors they come in.

Enhances safety of personnel.

Easily identifiable to everyone as visitors are able to know who can help them with their specific requests.

Promotes safe practice mindset. When personnel are extra cautious as they perform their tasks, it creates a safe work environment for everyone.

They add comfort since they can easily fit over any coats or jackets an employee needs to wear to keep warm especially during the cold weather.

They promote brand identity by growing your company and developing more business whenever personnel wear them and are seen by potential customers.

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