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Traffic Cones

Category: Road Safety Equipment

Traffic cones are commonly used for road safety because they are designed for high visibility. Cones are attached to a sturdy black base, which prevents it from toppling over and creating a traffic hazard.

They are designed to give excellent hazard warning and traffic control capabilities throughout commercial, industrial and leisure environments, for example: they alert motorists and pedestrians of the activities that are occurring ahead and that they should slow down and be careful on the road.

These range of cones are specially made to meet the highest standards as required by the Road Act. They are available in 450mm, 530mm and 750mm height made from super tough red polymers and a white reflective sleeve.


Durable Material

They are made of a PVC material that is flexible and can withstand accidental presses by cars

Weather Resistant

They are sun-proof, waterproof, heat-resistant, cold-resistant and colorfast

Micro Prismatic Reflective Technology

They have bright colors that are visible both day and night


Easy to move around from one place to another


Increases visibility of vehicles especially at night

Enhances road safety

Weather resistant because of their durable material

Controlling traffic and provide warnings about possible road obstructions

Can be used as barricades to temporarily block areas and establish proper boundaries

When used as floor stands, they provide safety warnings and messages along hallways and corridors to inform people about wet floors, slippery surfaces or closed-off areas

Can be used in construction sites to keep people out of the construction area thus decreasing the number of injuries

They provide a brief reminder to pedestrians or motorists to proceed with extra caution by warning them about hazards and dangerous situations ahead of them

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