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Fire Extinguishers

Category: Road Safety Equipment

Discover effective fire protection with our Powder Fire Extinguishers! Ideal for swiftly extinguishing or controlling small fires, especially in emergency situations, these devices are a crucial addition to your safety equipment.

Our Powder Fire Extinguishers are a versatile solution, capable of handling Class A, B, and C fires—ranging from solids and liquids to gases. What sets them apart is their non-conductive nature, making them safe for use on electrical equipment-related fires. Easily recognizable by their distinctive blue label, these extinguishers are a reliable choice for comprehensive fire safety.



Can easily be moved form one place to another

Pressure Gauge

It allows the user to check the internal pressure of the fire extinguisher

Life Span Indicator

Fire extinguishers must have a useful life of no more than 20 years.

Color Coded

To indicate what class of fire it can be used on - they can contain a variety of fire suppression agents.


Saves lives because they are easy and fast to use

Simple and prompt recharge, allowing an operator to discharge the extinguisher, recharge it, and return to the fire in a reasonable amount of time

Portablity hence they are easy to move around with

Safe for both the user and the environment

They keep fires under control especially small fires

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