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Chevrons / Rear Reflective Marking Plate

Category: Road Safety Equipment

They are red and white/red and yellow reflectors fixed behind all commercial vehicles. Chevrons are available in two sizes: the small size which is 300mm x 300mm and the larger size which is 300mm x 600mm.

Chevrons are high quality products made of weather resistant reflective material. It is visible during the day, night and also in foggy conditions. For best results it is advisable to change them every 3 years.

Position rear reflective markers must be fitted to meet the following requirements:

a) The markers must be fitted at or near the rear of the vehicle and be securely attached so that no part projects beyond the outermost edge.

b) The lower edge of the marker must be horizontal and not more than 1,700mm or less than 400mm above the ground, whether the vehicle is laden or unladen.

c) Where the marker consists of one or pairs, these must be fitted as near as practicable to the outermost edge of the vehicle.


Durable Material

They are made of a PVC material that is flexible and can withstand accidental presses by cars

Weather Resistant

They are sun-proof, waterproof, heat-resistant, cold-resistant and colorfast

Micro Prismatic Reflective Technology

They have bright colors that are visible both day and night

Long Service Life

They can last longer since they are made of high quality materials


Brilliant brightness with strong adhesive

Outstanding long distance night time visibility

Easy to handle and apply

Vivid colors and bright whites

Waterproof hence excellent for harsh weather conditions

Enhances road safety

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