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Digital Speed Limiters

Category: Automotive Solutions

In Kenya, speed limiters are a mandatory requirement for all Commercial Vehicles (with tare weight exceeding 3 tons) and Passenger Service Vehicles (PSVs). The KS 2295-1:2018 standard specifies requirements for the performance and installation of devices designed to limit the maximum road speed of motor vehicles by control of engine power.

As per the NTSA regulations that require all vehicles to have a digital speed limiter, we introduced a system that regulates and records the speed of the vehicle at any given time.

Types Of Road Speed Limiters

a) Fuel Type Speed Limiter (DASS-86)

DASS-86 is a fuel-based electronic road speed limiter which limits the top speed smoothly by gradually cutting off the fuel supply to the engine, once the maximum allowed speed limit is reached. The device helps operators to improve engine life, fuel efficiency and reduce the overall maintenance cost. The product is ideal for fleets where the cost of device could be recovered within a month.

b) Electronic Pedal Interface Type Speed Limiter (SAFEDRIVE)

This is an advanced speed limiter which is most effective for vehicles with electronic engines and accelerator pedal such as Scania, Mercedes Benz Trucks and MAN. There is zero impact on vehicle with zero-moving parts and is tamper-proof. This has specially designed connectors to avoid mistakes in connections. SAFEDRIVE is suitable for any vehicle with ECM's.


Fully Certified And Approved

Approved under the KS 2295-1:2018 standard NTSA requirements

Overspeeding Detector

Alerts you when the vehicle is travelling above 80kph

Harsh Breaking Detector

Alerts you when the drive breaks harshly

Cost Effective

Pricing is very affordable and saves you money in the long run.


Reduced risks of accidents by limiting maximum speed

Accident and harsh breaking detector

Detects when a vehicle is overspeeding

Lower fuel consumption and repair costs

Elimination of road traffic fines

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